"The future of flatulence on the blockchain."

Purple and Green Gradient Horizontal Drip

Wtf is $FART?

$FART started as a joke on Tiktok, and then became so much more. A community quickly grew, and thus, Fart Coin became an unstoppable gaseous force.

Crypto is way to farting complicated. Let’s have some fun and fart around. We’re making fun games that are accessible and fun to play- and will teach you about crypto in the process!

The $FART ecosystem provides accessible, fun, gamified learning materials that everyone can benefit from. I mean hey, we’re just a bunch of fart heads. We’re not trying to prove anything. We just want you to have some fun. And maybe pass some gas in the process.

Sneak Peak of some of our NFTs that will be available soon on BNB!

Why tf should I care?

Fart Coin has a unique contract which utilizes a "rising floor" mechanic that allows holders to have access to liquidity without selling their tokens. The rising floor mechanic also prevents the token from ever going to zero in BNB. Read our Waft Paper to understand more!

Booty Bouncers


Play the Booty Bouncers in Space game and earn $FART 😎

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